A Secondary Transaction, The [New] King On The Block?

One of the hot issues that are recently emerging out of financing transactions in the high-tech industry is the sale of stock by founders of a company, as part of an investment round in the company (“Secondary Sale”).

In short, most of the early stage high-tech companies are initially bootstrapped i.e., financed by their founders, and sometimes also by friends & family, and angle investors. Because companies lack significant finance sources in their early stages, the […]

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The Importance Of Due Diligence Agreements

On a broader sense Due Diligence means the assessment of a company by a prospective buyer through an investigation and analysis of a target company. In this Article our aim is to provide an overview on how to draft a due diligence report (hereinafter referred as “DD”) and with a specific focus on Intellectual Property and Information Technology part of the DD.

In Turkish law there is no special regulation on Mergers & Acquisition1, so […]

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The Advantages Of Using A Swiss Company To Hold Investments Owned By Turkish Residents Or Companies

Turkish shareholders with foreign portfolio investments, should consider owning these investments through a Swiss company, in particular if these investments are held in Switzerland.
What are the Key Advantages?
a) Profit, taxed in Switzerland, will be at a rate between 10.1% and 13.99% rather than the relevant tax rate in Turkey of 22%.

b) The exemption of equity fluctuations from tax, rather than being subject to a tax rate of 22% in Turkey.

c) Reducing the information that […]

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